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Vitamin C is obtained from the food we eat and is so important for many processes within the body. Here are our top 3 facts about vitamin C.

vitamin c facts

1. Vitamin C supports our immune system

The first fact about vitamin C is that it enhances immune function by protecting the white blood cells (immune defence cells within the body) from oxidative damage. Studies have shown supplementing with vitamin C when you feel cold symptoms approaching can reduce a cold by 8% in adults and 14% in children.

2. Vitamin C helps us absorb iron in food

The second fact about vitamin C.

When iron rich food is consumed in conjunction with vitamin-c rich foods, for example a steak with green leafy vegetables, the vitamins and minerals in those vegetables will also provide extra enzymes and cofactors to boost the absorption of the iron. Without the added vegetables containing the vitamin C, less of the iron in the meat will be absorbed. Vitamin C in the presence of iron, will capture it and store it in a more absorbable form which makes it easier for the body to take up.

3. We have an estimated daily vitamin C requirement

The daily Estimated Average Requirements of vitamin C in different age groups are listed below. This data is retrieved from the National Health and Medical Research Council (2014), Nutrient Reference Values.

An example of 50mg of vitamin C = 200ml of orange juice

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