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Sustainable Weight Loss Program

20-week program

A program designed to set the foundations and healthy habits required to sustain a healthy lifestyle and achieve healthy weight loss.

This program is for women who are sick of the fad dieting and the fluctuating weight and are ready to lose weight and maintain it.

Weight loss requires a proper lifestyle change which requires direction and accountability from a trained professional and should not include any restrictive or fad diets.

The sustainable weight loss program uses an app to connect you to your Dietitian with regular check-ins, chat access and the option of online video consultations which you can do anywhere in Australia from your electronic device.

The sustainable weight loss program teaches you the foundations of a healthy lifestyle in order to achieve a sustainable, healthy weight loss and holds you accountable throughout the program with regular check-ins with your Dietitian. 

The sustainable weight loss program includes:

  • 1 x initial consultation with a health, diet and lifestyle assessment (video or in-person)
  • 5 x monthly review sessions with your Dietitian (video or in-person)
  • Fortnightly check-ins and goals with your Dietitian
  • Tailored education and resources each session
  • 24/7 support access to your Dietitian
  • Healthy recipe e-book with 100 recipes
  • Weekly meal planner template
  • BONUS 14-day personalised meal plan & shopping list (offered with enrolment for a limited time only)
  • BONUS healthy snacks recipe e-book (offered with enrolment for a limited time only)

*in-person consultation sessions are offered to those on the Gold Coast only on a Wednesday or Friday, please enquire for more information 

If you have already had an initial consultation with the Dietitian and want to enrol in the program afterwards, please enquire below and you will be given a discount to apply when undergoing payment which will cover your initial appointment cost.

Additionally, if you have been referred by a GP with a care plan, please also enquire below and let us know because you will be eligible for a discounted total price. The amount will be different for each individual, so please enquire below.

So, how can you join the program?

Simply fill out the enquiry form below under 'programs' and state when you would like to get started. Your Dietitian will then be in contact with you and all the introduction materials will be sent to you within 48 hours.

Ongoing review support sessions are available and encouraged to continue beyond the 20 weeks of the program. Please enquire at before your 20 weeks is up so we can arrange ongoing review sessions and support on your journey.


Payment plans are available, please mention in enquiry form.


5 x monthly payments of $290 per month


1 x upfront payment (save $150)


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