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8 Low FODMAP Swaps

8 low FODMAP diet swaps for your every day cooking.

Swap some of those high FODMAP foods to a low FODMAP alternative to reduce symptoms of bloating, abdominal pain, excessive gas, and irregular bowel movements.

1. Garlic

Garlic chives and garlic-infused oil are the most obvious swaps for a low FODMAP alternative.

The FODMAPs in garlic are actually water-based, therefore they will not contaminate the oil when infused in the liquid so it is safe to consume this as a low FODMAP flavour. 

Cobram Estate offer a range of infused oils to help flavour your meals without the use of garlic and onion.

2. Yogurt

Lactose and products high in lactose are considered high FODMAP, therefore regular yogurt fits in this category.

Choosing preferably a dairy-free yogurt is a great alternative as it has more nutritional value than coconut yogurt. However, coconut yogurt is still a low FODMAP alternative to yogurt.

3. Wholegrain Bread

Wholegrains are extremely beneficial for our health, so we should be careful about which ones we limit on a low FODMAP diet.

Unfortunately, wheat contains fructans which can be problematic on a low FODMAP diet. Instead of choosing regular bread, gluten-free varieties are better tolerated for the short period of time you are on the low FODMAP diet. 

Alternatively, some people tolerate rye sourdough much better than regular bread so this is also worth a try.

4. Savoury Crackers

One of the hardest things to cut out on a low FODMAP diet can be those snack foods, chips, biscuits, dips. But – you don’t actually have to!

There are many low FODMAP biscuit and cracker varieties on the market now days, such as:


SAKATA Rice crackers

  • Plain
  • Chicken
  • Seaweed
  • Barbecue

Corn Thins

For more low FODMAP snacks, check out our 50 low FODMAP snack recipes.

5. Onion

Similar to the onion-infused oil as listed above, there are low FODMAP alternatives to choose from. Onion can be substituted with things such as chives, thyme and other herbs, and the green portion of spring onion. For more flavour options for cooking, visit FodShop

6. Regular Pasta

Regular pasta is referring to white or wholemeal pasta varieties. Pasta is considered a high FODMAP food due to the fructans in the wheat which forms the pasta. Low FODMAP pasta varieties are available, we just have to look for those that are not made from wheat or other grain alternatives.

Low FODMAP pasta options include gluten-free pasta varieties, vermicelli noodles and soba noodles. 

Be careful when choosing ‘gluten free’ pasta options, and avoid options that are made out of the following:

  • chickpeas
  • lentils
  • green peas
  • legumes
  • soy beans
  • wheat

All other gluten free options should be suitable on a low FODMAP diet. If ever unsure, please contact us.

7. Soft Drinks

Soft drinks and other carbonated drinks such as energy drinks, diet sodas, even soda water can contribute to symptoms of bloating, excessive gas and pain in IBS.

When we consume carbonated drinks, the air within these drinks cannot be reabsorbed in the body, therefore it travels through our system to our large intestine where it can be trapped as gas, contribute to bloating or pass as flatulence. 

Avoid all carbonated drinks and soft drinks on the low FODMAP diet.

Instead, try small amounts of regular cordial as a sweet low FODMAP alternative.

8. Wine & Beer

A lot of people with IBS suffer from symptoms of bloating, gas and diarrhoea when consuming excess amounts of wine and beer. This is a normal reaction for those with IBS.

To reduce the effect of alcohol on IBS, we can choose different alcoholic options.

Obviously, minimising alcohol is going to benefit symptoms of IBS, but we can also choose other varieties of alcohol that are less symptom-causing.

Spirits are a less symptom-causing alcoholic choice if you have IBS. Be mindful, the mixer paired with the alcohol can also contribute to symptoms, so if you are pairing a carbonated drink such as coke or soda water this can still be problematic for your IBS.

Gluten-free beer options may also be less symptom-causing on IBS symptoms. 

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